Our Story

Hello Neighbors,

I want to tell you the story that brought this idea to actuality. I have two childhood friends David and Guy, and I believe because we choose our friends unlike our family, they provide an accepting love. We have been friends since 2nd grade with David and 4th grade with Guy, and when we parted at 12 years old, and I immigrated to the states, we sent letters to each other weekly, which I still have somewhere. David visited me at the States, and I used to call them from an international calling card before skype and Viber and WhatsApp existed. We then traveled Europe together before their Service at the Israeli Army. After the army we backpacked central America together for 5 months. Later I got married, and afterward, I came to Israel to see Guy marry, shortly after David got married as well. We grew apart a little as friends do when life starts demanding for more. I had two kids, Guy had a kid, and David was about to have a kid. Although he and his wife loved to travel and see new cultures and countries, he thought it was essential to come to visit me in Myrtle Beach, SC (I tried my hardest to convince Guy to go as well, but it was too much for him at the time). David and I always played around with the idea of somehow living together or close by (we used to live in 2 houses facing each other in a neighborhood in Jerusalem), because of the good times we had then, we always had this naïve idea for our future. I even bought a catamaran sailboat that he helped me sail from Toronto, Canada with the idea that after its paid for I will be sailing it through the Mediterranean, and we would circumnavigate the world forever, it had three bedrooms so that we would all fit with our wives (as I said, naive). I love the naiveness of our beautiful friendship. I love following things through even though I know that they stem from a ten-year-old mind. The crazy thing about it this time when David said, you know Yan, if we start a business here together I will come and live here with my family. I was touched, my adult mind knew how unlikely this was, but luckily for me I believe that our adult brain is much dumber than our child brain, and so I chose to just allow the seed to be planted. When he left, I promised myself that I would be on the lookout and pay attention to any opportunity no matter how crazy of an idea. Then one day, at the parent-teacher committee, composed of 3 moms and myself. I found out that the school signed an agreement with the USDA, which subsidizes the school when the school follows strict guidelines, one of them had to do with measured quantities of milk that had to consumed by the kids throughout the day and the options were soy or cow milk. I was so disappointed at this fact, but like most rules that come my way, I chose to ignore it and bring my 2-year-old a container of Hemp milk, I laughed at the thought “kinda like a MilkMan”. The rest is history. I am by far not a perfect Vegan, sushi is still my kryptonite, the craving is too much sometimes. At home we eat only plant-based whole foods, there are no eggs no dairy no meats, but we do allow occasional fish. I believe that today, especially if you landed on this site, you know that a mostly vegan or plant-based is a solution to many problems starting from your health and ending with the health of our planet and all its creatures. I think that the problem is not that we don’t know, it’s that we choose to fight it either with ignorance or with stubbornness or with laziness or some other irresponsible form of resistance. I WANT TO EMPOWER YOU TO CHANGE. So please buy my milk, substitute your bacon and eggs with my smoothie, all of these are easy to make yourself. I want to help you get affordable substitutes to your habitual food choices, with the hope of you seeing how easy it is, feel the difference in your health, gain momentum and change your life, and then fire me and tell me “thanks” and “I got it from here”. Believe me it will only bring me tears of joy and pride from your accomplishment. Our prices will show you that we are not here to get rich from this idea, we are here on a mission to serve and empower you, we are passionate about plants, and we are grateful for the opportunity to play our part, we have real jobs, and we do this in the mornings. We sacrifice our time for minimum wages because we feel that it is our responsibility. We donate 10% of our profits to thewaterproject, an organization set to get clean water to the 1 billion people that are living without it on our planet. The package at your doorstep will remind you of our commitment to you; all you need to do now is commit to yourself. It is so silly to be a Vegan Milk Man or Woman, but that is what it takes for people to find out what the best food on the planet should taste like, and that making it at home is the only way to make it right. none of us have almond cows living with us. We wake up at 5 am to help you realize how food should taste like, please make this nonese stop and start creating change in your family yourself, just like we all started doing for our families. Make your green smoothies and almond milk, do good by your family, the planet and all its creatures. we believe you can.